Danske Bank – Forever excited



The IT department of Danske Bank is working with innovative international IT projects designed for the entire Group and is constantly looking for new employees. However, it faces the problem of the stereotypical image of a bank: a significant part of talented software developers and other experts believe that this job involves boring, routine small banking tasks. Our client asked to convey a clear message that this was the wrong approach.





We put aside the traditional banking language and, together with the street artists EGYBOY, made a 180-degree change of the Internet memo “Forever alone” that is too well known to the target audience ‘living’ in the Internet. When gripping projects follow one another, nobody has time to feel frustrated because of the futility of their work. We targeted the campaign specifically for the competitors’ employees: they’ve seen the campaign both during their work – as banners – as well as on their way home – at bus stops and in outdoor ads near their workplaces.

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